2016 Expectations #3: Understanding Functional Fitness

Is it more important to fight against diseases or to fight for optimal healing and health? Whats more desirable? Doing cute exercises, (the front of your body) looking cute in the mirror while your posterior (back of your body) from head to toe, remains flabby and weak, wasting your time in novice debates about “which is better, cardio or resistance training” or “carbs, sugar and fat is bad for you right”?

Your health and fitness journey must be about setting and achieving goals based on developing a body that deflects disease, prevents (and quickly recovers from) injuries and allows you to do whatever you want, however you want to do it and with anyone you wish to have fun with. Shouldn’t the ultimate goals be to develop better functioning muscles that lead to less fat on your body due to an increased metabolism, to look better in your clothes without needing to go shopping, to feel better performing your day to day activities and having more efficient systems that lead to more impressive doctor visits?

Functional fitness is a more therapeutic and preventative, “health attraction” approach to fitness training. It is less about looking cute and more about becoming more powerful, and ultimately, a more valuable asset to your industry, your friends and your family.

Today’s blog gives you just a taste of the functional fitness training philosophy with a little bit of my training flavor added. This training approach sets the stage for the Dragon Fire fitness videos you will see this year. Interested in training with me? Check out the video below first. Then, contact me on this blog or comment through you tube, on the video comments. Train safely and enjoy the vid.

2016 Expectations #2: Self Defense Foundations

Did you know that according to statistics, in 33% of home burglaries in which an alarm system was installed, the home alarm system was not set and the intruder came in through an unlocked front door? Makes you say “Hmmmm” right?

What would you do if you heard a crash in the middle of the night? Imagine the moment: You heard the crash which was followed by the sound of people fumbling around so you decide to take a peek, to see what the heck is goin’ down and you notice that the men who have broken into your house are armed! Then what do you do?

Imagine a second scenario that unfolds much faster: You are in church, a place expected to be a safe and sacred location where families gather to learn and fellowship. With the congregation assembled, an active shooter(s) enters and opens fire on as many men, women and children as possible. What if this unfolds in the grocery store, your work place or your son or daughter’s elementary school, junior high school, high school or college? The Department of Justice suggests that you “Run, Hide and Fight”. When and where would you run and hide? Well Superman, while you’re running, screaming and dodging bullets, could you remember to observe the shooter, call 911, remain calm and give them helpful information. Rrrrriiiiight. When it comes down to fighting, would you know how to combine with the assistance of others to fight someone with a shotgun or rifle, secondary pistol and a fixed blade, who’s also wearing armor and back up ammo? Are you alone in this scenario? Then what?

So…Interested in training self defense? Before you sign up for the classes at the “fad”, cage rage, fighter training center that all the cool people go to, check out this video. Why? Because I care. Enjoy.

2016 Expectations #1

Well, one month into the new year and how are those 2016 resolutions coming along? It takes one moment to make a decision to change, one week to program a plan into regular, daily actions that your mind can begin adjusting to and it can take one month for the regular actions of your plan to begin producing tangible results that not only you will begin to see and feel, but others should also begin noticing and complimenting you on as well. One month of dedicated hard work. So, how are your goals coming along this year so far?

This is the year of ACTION in my programs. Follow me in these vlogs this year as I challenge you at least once a month to put my secrets for fitness, self defense and dog training success into action. May each of my videos keep you motivated to get those goals! Enjoy.